A Foggy Day in Erie, PA

January 12, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

I woke up this morning and the first that I noticed was that it was really foggy outside. I had to get my camera and go out shooting only hoping that I had batteries that were charged enough to actually do so! I checked my spare batteries and they were fully charged! 

My first stop was to Lakeside Cemetery. I knew what I wanted to photograph but didn't expect to see something else, which caught my attention a lot more than what I originally had planned. As I am driving through the cemetery to get to my location, I'm stopped. I can't go any further. There's part of a tree that has fallen from the bad windstorm that we had the other night. All of my attention was quickly aimed to this tree and the surroundings. 

I wanted to keep this photo a little dark. I think it has a mystery feel to it. Also, I don't think cemeteries are supposed to be bright and happy places.


My next stop was to Dobbins Landing. I wanted to photograph the Bicentennial Tower with the fog. I didn't want a straight on shot like I see time and time again so I went for a different approach. There's a tree next to the steps by the tower so I wanted to photograph this scene. 

While I was making my way around the tower, I noticed some fishermen who I wanted to photograph. Jay Maisel says to set the stage and wait - so that is what I did. While I was waiting, I looked up at the tower and decided to take a photo so I'm not just standing there looking suspicious (lol).

I looked back over at the fishermen and they both had their backs turned so I started taking a few photos. 

It wasn't too long before there was a fish that was caught!

While I got the shot, I wanted something closer. I walked over to the gentleman and asked if he would mind if I got a shot of the fish in his hands. In a soft and cold voice he replied "no, I don't mind".

After this photo, it started to downpour. My car was a little ways away with my backpack in it so I wanted to hurry up and get there.


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